Khamis, 29 November 2007

(49th post): hmm

Had the feeling to paint, but had only 3 colors of acrylic paint, missing the yellow paint, only got blue, red, maroon and white. looking for some spare sunshine.. warna kuning dimane?

Got lot of colors of water color paints, wax crayons, art pencils, color chalks, ceramic glazes, oil color paints to make paintings, but no more acrylic paints. can't mix the different kinds of paint (oil & acrylic), it doesn't work. ...............................................................................................

update: I found some.


sunshine cookies in "portable oven" (awak punya keta ke?):

"baking cookies on the way to school"

Selasa, 30 Oktober 2007

water balls & bubbles

[Not sure if the videos are working properly today]

Drinking tea with chopsticks on ISS

Mana boleh buat teh tarikh? Tak boleh, ek?

Water is spherical (not formless), in space station, water forms balls.

Here is a wave in a water ball, and water droplets inside a bubble inside a water sphere:

Video: Pure H2O & CO2 inside a H2O skin, at ISS in microgravity

Some of the lines of Siddhidas Mahaju(N.S.987-N.S.1050) read as follows

सज्जन मनुष्या संगतनं मूर्ख नापं भिना वै पलेला लपते ल वंसा म्वति थें ल सना वै

which states that even a moron can improve with the company of good people just as a drop of water appears like a pearl when it descends upon the leaves of a lotus plant.

Rabu, 24 Oktober 2007

San Diego fire

I lived there for awhile, working for Aziz at Metro Market, every single day for a year, enjoying his wife's fine Arabic cooking for lunch, and helping his son open a new market at the Mexican border. Hopefully the winds will slow and the rains will come there.

Jumaat, 19 Oktober 2007

Traix, vehicle of the future?

Electric or air supplementary power? See this air car:

See the 3rd paragraph at this link, about the electric "killacycle" & video. 0 to 60 mph (88km/h) in 1 second! 175 lbs of lithium ion batteries is much more than Traix would use.

My Solution: Design concept vehicle Traix.

Traix: 1/2 pedal, 1/2 electric bike-car (2 wheeled) in which the harder you pedal, the more juice the battery provides, aerodynamic, links to others on the road via a push-button latch-hook, to form a "train" of say 20 - 100 vehicles on a highway, so everybody cruises aerodynamically with moderate leg power with optimal cardio-vascular aerobic action. At a desired exit, small "bus" of 10 vehicles splits off as a group and goes to neighborhood, then splits apart again into "solo" vehicles, solos park in tight space or carried inside the home. Very good for commutes, not for hauling big heavy stuff (but 2 linked side-by-side could pull a packed tent trailer easily).

Traix fights the poor health problem in the developed world: obesity-diabetes-hardened arteries from lack of aerobic exercise (due in part to oil addicted auto culture reliant on petroleum powered vehicles).

Traix fights the bad pollution problem in the developed and developing world: air pollution and various auto emissions, dirty waters, global warming, oily wars.

Traix avoids the dangers of riding bicycles in auto traffic in cities and highways, by keeping many riders in a unitary mass, in line, rather than all over the road, yet allows easy quick detachment at "bus stops".

Traix recharges via solar panels or home electric plug in, combines a motorcycle battery with a capacitor system for both slow and high speed.

Traix quickly adjusts for optimum aerodynamics as solo, duo or bus/train configuration, and provides both carbonfiber/bamboo shell with protective safety foam surrounding the hull, with umbrella-like top.

Traix really is the sensible option. Blue water, green forests, clean air, good healthy quick non-polluting transport.

Financial investment required for further development. Traix project cannot proceed without funding, contact me via email for more info.

[Traix Design by DDeden Designs]

Khamis, 18 Oktober 2007

Rilek Relic Relax Realaxe Raelix

The winter storms returned
to the palace by the bay,
was it not that season
for me to go away?
selam ke salam
salam selam

Khamis, 4 Oktober 2007

A very touching song

Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins wrote this song about Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin while a senior in high school, when he was supposed to be studying for his final exams, he instead hid in his parents room and composed the melody and some of the lyrics.

He says here (at a live concert) that this song began his music career and later paid for his children's education. (Note to future teachers: Sometimes the kids have something else in their hearts and minds that are more important to them than exams. It's good to be aware of that.)

A. A. Milne wrote the House on Pooh Corner books about his son Christopher and his stuffed animals Pooh, Piglet etc. placing the story in the nearby Cotswald forest.

The original Winnie, a bear from Winnipeg, Canada, was brought to the London Zoo by Canadian soldiers during World War One, and was seen by Christopher and his nanny and parents. Christopher's stuffed bear was therefore named Winnie after this bear. Sometimes simple things are best.

Rabu, 3 Oktober 2007

The post post post (post posted after the post)

This post is just to follow that last one.
Yes, one of those days.

Life is in a haze.

How many more?

Does anyone keep score?

Ahad, 9 September 2007


How long I wait for an honest wife,
why did I survive, this shattered life,
destroyed by deception & gang of knife,
unhealed without love, stricken from strife.

My daughters and sons, still not yet born,
I'm surrounded by children and I am so torn,
I asked for mercy, but I received largely scorn,
so I worry so wary, wearied, weakened and worn.

Truly spoken, because truth is all that i have now.


Khamis, 6 September 2007

Forest fire fighting in Nor Calif

This reminded me of my summer spent fighting forest fires in Northern California, taking time off my work as a forester (penghutanan) at the Menominee Forestry Center in Wisconsin.

Jumaat, 31 Ogos 2007

50 years

Salam Merdeka /|\ Selam Merdeka

1776 Independence US
1957 Merdeka Malaysia

Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysiaku

Live Free /|\ Dive Free

mubarek ramahdan muslimah

Rabu, 29 Ogos 2007

keyboard surrealism

~~~~`<8{(((>< ~~~~~~~~~~~~
صشسشمشة..Öö0O0öÖ..¿énb ɹod? ?ǝdɐuʞ¿
Surreal inversion: bunnywabbit, butterfly-flutterby, archerfish

Selasa, 28 Ogos 2007

Windmill polypedalmobile

Wind powered flock of flamingos or herd of elephants?

Art, science, engineering

Bucky Fuller in Time Magazine: geodesic domes, dymaxion, synergetics,9263,7601640110,00.html

Spacial Geometry article on Buckyballs and geodesics

Isnin, 27 Ogos 2007

Eclipse: Malaysia - Tahiti - California

Blue Crescent moon photo from space!

Nice Lunar Eclipse tonight, full moon, clear starry night.

International Blue Crescent

Malaysian Red Crescent

Khamis, 23 Ogos 2007

Retail Shopping Science?

aduh, nak stadi ituhkah? apenyo...

handbag mania! $260,000 for a purse (it's empty!)


I don't even have a wallet...
but since I also don't have any money...
um...did I say that out loud? i'm the Nor Calif of Kuala Walu Wiki so I am very rich and powerful!
Somebody else carries my money for me... i dunno whozat doe..

Jumaat, 17 Ogos 2007

Dutch Me?

Hari ini, adelah kedai kopi yg baru dekat sini, namanya Dutch Brothers, dia bagi free large mocha coffee all day. i terima tiga cawan, 1) ice mocha 2) frosty mocha 3) hot mocha, sedap sangat, nyum nyum! Lepas tu, aku pegi pustaka, baca majalah yg baru sains...good stuff.

DANK U DUTCH BROS! I'll come back if i ever get money again.

I don't think I have any Dutch background, but maybe a bit of Dutch Cocoa? I wouldn't mind that, since I always liked chocolate!

Selasa, 14 Ogos 2007

Today (it was a sunny day)

Today is simply a very nice sunny day. :)

A note on Keith Ellison, first American born sunni Muslim in congress in USA, represents the City of Minneapolis in my home state of Minnesota. He is a lawyer, his wife is a teacher, 4 children, supports for president Barack Obama, who spent 2 years in Indonesia during childhood (munkin dia bercakap bicara bahasa).

Rabu, 8 Ogos 2007

What is it?

From Querencia, a Navajo silversmith crafted this bolo tie.

Happy 42 birthday Singapore! August 9 2007

Ahad, 5 Ogos 2007

Coconut Philosophy?

Botany 101 metaphor

Coconuts can't grow if cracked from the outside. Coconuts can grow if the root inside can penetrate out through the shell, away from the light, down into the dark soil, stabilizing position (representing basal trust network stability, parental bond, security, daily nutritional foundation), only then can the stem grow up (representing freedom, independence, choices, responsibilities).

The stem (and branches-leaves-etc.) all have to grow up away from the shell, towards the light/energy source.

The leaves grow towards the light, but then, they point outwards (away from the stem, which is the structural support) so the horizontal leaf surface absorb maximum light.

This is like reaching out to friends... They can't give light, but can reflect it and also help slow the gusts of storm winds. However they also compete (need their own space to grow), so one can't overextend too far, or the stem will weaken (too dependent on other people weakens self-discipline, slows growth).

Sometimes the wind blows hard or the water level in the soil drops or rises, these are life's challenges. Every night, darkness allows sleep (rest & restore inside).

Don't worry about cracking the "shell", that happens naturally as you grow both deeper and higher. :) [well, this just popped up, don't really know if it's right]

Khamis, 2 Ogos 2007

Sometimes things fall down

The I35W bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota has collapsed, killing some people, many vehicles dropped down into the Mississippi River from it's height. Divers are searching but the flowing river and the dust hinder searching.
I myself drove across that bridge hundreds of times from my hometown of Red Wing, both in winter and summer, it gave a nice view of the river and Twin Cities. The bridge structure was classified in 1990 as Structurally Deficient, like 70,000 other bridges in the US. The annual snow, ice freezing/thawing cycles, and the salt applied to roads to prevent slipping, and the very heavy usage of that bridge, and the recent construction there, contributed to its demise, I would think. Al fatihah & Wings, Prayers & Teddy Bears to all affected personally.

Video of collapse:,1,5546538.story

Witnesses blog:

Bahasa Indonesia Versi:
(click on the Mississippi section)

Selasa, 31 Julai 2007

Rabu, 25 Julai 2007

link to myspace/New Eurekans

if this link works, it will go to the New Eurekans myspace page which has 4 song snippets, I composed 3, a friend wrote the poem Maafkan ku which I made into a song (but I didn't pronounce the words properly). Actually the other members of my band weren't available to perform for the recordings, so I just used computer garageband software. so desu ne. DD

Selasa, 24 Julai 2007

my link

It's funny, according to my site meter, my location is Belvedere Tiburon, California, an extremely wealthy community on a peninsula at the mouth of the San Francisco Bay. Doesn't it seem like I must be very rich? Hahaha, I'm probably the poorest American that the visitors to this site will ever "meet", since I have nothing at all. Even my clothes are not mine. When I lost someone (a girl I fell in love with), I lost my life's hopes and dreams. Now nothing left, except research human biology influence of ancestral seashore living. What a disaster. I have my mind still in good condition, but I feel lonely and loony, because I don't accept other people's particular fairy tales as reality, preferring simple honest scientific truth, a student of nature. Although I'm definitely a naturalist, I'm no atheist. Although I favor evolution as the best scientific explanation of life on earth, I accept the ideology of creation metaphorically. So, desu ne. aje.

Sabtu, 21 Julai 2007

Bahasa Arab


The Arabic for COFFEE is GAUAWAH
Imagine you go away for coffee.

The Arabic for MILK is HALEEB
Imagine I leave the milk behind.

The Arabic for DATE (the FRUIT) is TAMARAH
Imagine wanting a date tomorrow.

The Arabic for BANANA is MAUZAH
Imagine you give a mouse a banana.

The Arabic for FOOD is MA'KAL
Imagine Michael is the provider of food.

The Arabic for FISH is SAMAKAH
Imagine you smack a fish.

Jumaat, 20 Julai 2007

Kind of a Poem

God is great, and with his grace,
appreciate the journey that you face.

Selasa, 17 Julai 2007

Rabu, 11 Julai 2007

cerita cinta

he: Come out to see the real world
she: Come in to see my real world
he: You know that's just a fairytale
she: I invite you to join it. (^_^)
he: How can I? I'm a realist! (~_~)
she: Don't you love me?
he: Yes, more than anything
she: Am I not real?
he: You are the most real to me
she: And you are waiting for..?
he: You are confined by many nonsense rules & rituals!
she: Confined? Or protected?
he: (mouth open, dizzy) apo ?
she: Don't you love me?
he: only.
she: Then why you became quiet?
he: I wasn't trained to believe stories about flying horses and unicorns
she: What do you mean
he: The old story books. I study real nature. There is no God...
she: ...but Allah.
he: I need you to remind me. Where was He when I suffered so bad?
she: I was also not there. Am I not real?

Khamis, 28 Jun 2007

Hari Cikgu review | Teacher Appreciation Day

While I am gone away, here's a video for student teachers. :)

Selasa, 26 Jun 2007



Dreams: What are they? They are nocturnal sublime learning/decision-testing episodes, whereby the stressful moments (exam, new job, battle, dangers) which occur occasionally in daily life, are stored as visual imagery (information) in the sub-conscious for review and analysis during rest and sleep.

Sleep is the required quiet recharging time, dreams occur every night but most are usually forgotten by morning, since they are typically boring, just like the routines of daily life. Only non-routine events trigger unusually pleasant or unpleasant dreams, which are more likely to be remembered upon waking.

If one loses the ability to dream, one can still learn, but can no longer associate and integrate various thoughts and patterns as well, AFAICT, as this is the primary function of dreams, they are the pattern-weaving story-teller or movie-maker within the self, helping to review in greater detail the various crises that occur, slowing down and analysing moments of indecision of the past day, allowing corrective behavior to become entrained, for the next similar event, therefore providing "virtual experience".

Dina Zaman, author of I Am Muslim, wrote this blog post about a scary dream she had. See the last comment (by Animah) for dream interpretation of it.
[oops, i guess she stopped her blog now]

Do not fear scary dreams, they help you deal with real-life stressful moments without putting you in actual danger, giving you awareness of potential risks and determining the best possible pathways to safety and security. Once that is understood, scary dreams become tools of self-instruction, and are appreciated for their value in survival in a sometimes unpleasant world. Pleasant dreams & fantasies are great escapes, and also have value in life.

Jumaat, 22 Jun 2007

Sort of a Poem

i still don't understand
the words written by her hand
been born in a distant land
can't walk there, hardly stand
the sea washing away
her footprints in the sand



Isnin, 18 Jun 2007

second thoughts

Correct or not individually, yet very insightful!

(Copied from Maddie's post at her blog, aku nantikan permisi dia)

A lady saying:

"If you see me walking the road with someone else, its not because I like his company; its because you're not brave enough to walk beside me". (whoa)

"If you hear me talking about him all the time, its not because he pleases me, its because you're deaf to hear my heartbeats". "(0_0)" (listen inside)

"If you feel me falling with someone new, its not because I love him, Its because you're not there to catch me if I fall". (tul kah?)

"If you feel lost, I too am nowhere, I too don't know where the road is going". (huh?)

-Ally McBeal-

Ahad, 17 Jun 2007

Fathers Day * Hari Abah (June 17)

In memory of Clarence and his son Wayne (my father), and appreciation for present & future dads. [oleh abang daud di nor qalif, tok adik beradik]

Sons and Fathers

Without sons and fathers, what would we do?
Do the best we can, as we know they'd want us to...
They make a hard hot world, a much safer place
they make a million memories, that will never be erased

Can you hear the thunder
in a little girl's tears?
Will you mend her broken heart
and soothe all her fears?

Well that's what teddy bears are for,
when loved ones have gone through the door
Yeah that's what teddy bears are for,
when loved ones have gone through the door
and that's what wings and prayers are for.

[A gentleman's poetic reflections on Fathers Day, DDeden 2007]

Isnin, 4 Jun 2007

Ink People Art Gallery: Ladies Handbags & Purses
See the June Newsletter for more info. (PDF format)
Click on each photo to enlarge. Note the cikcak lizards and tikus mouse and cat on blue purse.

Rabu, 23 Mei 2007

pets step

Bahasa translasi: Walaupun aku berjalan melalui lembah maut yang gelap, waktu aku tidak akan takut

Selasa, 15 Mei 2007

Chat @ d' haus Kopi DCB!

Malay-English-Indonesian translation service: translation website

Arabic (Syrian Simple)

Francais (Quebecois)...Espanol (Latina)...Brazil (Portugese)
English (New world)...Dutch (Duits-Belgie)...Japanese (Nihpon)
Chinese (Tionghua)...Hindi (Urdu)

Ahad, 13 Mei 2007

Mothers Day * Hari Ibu

In memory of Byrde and her daughter Caryl (my mother), and appreciation for present & future moms. [oleh abang daud di nor qalif, tok adik beradik]

Mothers and Daughters

Without mothers and daughters, where would we be?
sitting in an empty boat, out on the open sea...
They make a cold cruel world a much warmer place
they deserve all our love and almost all of our space

It would be hard to find a trace
of a smile on a little boy's face
without mothers and daughters
a^m^a^z^i^n^g ~ g^r^a^c^e.

Well that's what teddy bears are for
when loved ones have gone through the door
Yeah that's what teddy bears are for
when loved ones have gone through the door
and that's what wings and prayers are for

[A gentleman's poetic reflections on Mothers Day, DDeden 2007]

Khamis, 10 Mei 2007

Pantun antarabangsa

Emosi, Emosi
gambatte | sukoshi
kalau lagi terkuat
gila gila aje berbuat

Emotion, Emotion
so much or so few
if too much strong
not good for us two

Welcome home away from home

We will be hanging some art works in the gallery, feel free to sit at the table of your choice or walk around, making some music in the studio, swimming in the garden pool with the fish, suntanning on the deck above the sandy beach, time and space for meditiation, stretching and praying in the room next door. Feel free to help Dude wash coffee cups and dishes if you feel like it :) or add another log to the fireplace (watch for sparks) and do other things. Dude's is truly blessed with the presence of Dude's partner in this ad'venture.

Peace bless to all who enter and share. Thanks for coming, please come back when you need a little break. We appreciate that you bring your self-respect, respect for other persons, and hope you have a sense of modesty, since there are people from around the world with different experiences and customs here.

The rawk, punk rock & other parties might be sometimes held down in the basement complex, but here it is softer tones and music, relaxed, with a fresh salty breeze coming in from the deck above the beach and the occasional crackle of the fireplace, or the little stream & waterfall outside the door. صشسشمشة