Khamis, 4 Oktober 2007

A very touching song

Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins wrote this song about Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin while a senior in high school, when he was supposed to be studying for his final exams, he instead hid in his parents room and composed the melody and some of the lyrics.

He says here (at a live concert) that this song began his music career and later paid for his children's education. (Note to future teachers: Sometimes the kids have something else in their hearts and minds that are more important to them than exams. It's good to be aware of that.)

A. A. Milne wrote the House on Pooh Corner books about his son Christopher and his stuffed animals Pooh, Piglet etc. placing the story in the nearby Cotswald forest.

The original Winnie, a bear from Winnipeg, Canada, was brought to the London Zoo by Canadian soldiers during World War One, and was seen by Christopher and his nanny and parents. Christopher's stuffed bear was therefore named Winnie after this bear. Sometimes simple things are best.

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inah berkata...

fall in love with this song already

"the Dude" berkata...

:) nice one.

BTW I'm reading "Chicken Soup for the Golfer's soul". I only played golf a couple times though, but my father enjoyed the golf game, so I remember his love for the game when I read the stories there.

inah berkata...

ade gak ke buku Chiken soup for the golfer's soul?


I love my parents very much

eh..nak pooh satu for my birthday =P

"the Dude" berkata...

me too! ;)

inah berkata...

dude..inah nak pooh satu for my belated birthday..hahahahaha

boley la eh =D

"the Dude" berkata...

I hope so inah :)

hopefully this year
will be better
than ever before...


maddie berkata...

a a milne was once described as an author as author who was inclined to 'make something about nothing'. one of my favorite pooh poems is of a pair of raindrops racing each other down the window pane. it's of the utmost silliness, but i adore the lighthearted approach he uses. there's nothing quite refreshing as describing the world from the eyes of a child... and he does it so well :)zbqhpaf

"the Dude" berkata...

yeah maddie, he paid attention to small things that are usually ignored in the rush of living. can't imagine a a doing that if he was busy with tv, internet, cell phones, 10 kids in the house... :P

the original illustrations were so cute, showing the seams of the donkey eeyore and pooh, such a nice touch. nothing perfect about pooh, just a stuffed bear, going for a walk in the woods.

Kenny Loggins lyrics are nice too, they also fit into the stories so well.


Sarah Mohd Shukor berkata...

Salam DD,

nice song.
never cross my mind that there's a chicken soup for the golfer's soul as well.

Read it well. Then, Play it well. Ok DD.

Selamat Hari Raya.
Maafkan salah silap sy ye.

"the Dude" berkata...

Salam Sarah

terima kasih yeh,
hope you have returned to good health.

There's many chicken soup for the soul books now, every topic in human society.