Sabtu, 21 Julai 2007

Bahasa Arab


The Arabic for COFFEE is GAUAWAH
Imagine you go away for coffee.

The Arabic for MILK is HALEEB
Imagine I leave the milk behind.

The Arabic for DATE (the FRUIT) is TAMARAH
Imagine wanting a date tomorrow.

The Arabic for BANANA is MAUZAH
Imagine you give a mouse a banana.

The Arabic for FOOD is MA'KAL
Imagine Michael is the provider of food.

The Arabic for FISH is SAMAKAH
Imagine you smack a fish.

2 ulasan:

maddie berkata...

how fun!
this is definitely better than learning russian, the entire language is made up of grunts and saliva spouting multisyllables. blegh :)

"the Dude" berkata...

haha, that's what I thought when I tried to learn Arabic! But a lot of friends said Arab was so beautiful language. I agree the Arabic writing is nice though. Hawaiian is funny cuz it's mostly vowels, like singing, ula wala uu ha a mahime..