Rabu, 23 Mei 2007

pets step

Bahasa translasi: Walaupun aku berjalan melalui lembah maut yang gelap, waktu aku tidak akan takut

Selasa, 15 Mei 2007

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Ahad, 13 Mei 2007

Mothers Day * Hari Ibu

In memory of Byrde and her daughter Caryl (my mother), and appreciation for present & future moms. [oleh abang daud di nor qalif, tok adik beradik]

Mothers and Daughters

Without mothers and daughters, where would we be?
sitting in an empty boat, out on the open sea...
They make a cold cruel world a much warmer place
they deserve all our love and almost all of our space

It would be hard to find a trace
of a smile on a little boy's face
without mothers and daughters
a^m^a^z^i^n^g ~ g^r^a^c^e.

Well that's what teddy bears are for
when loved ones have gone through the door
Yeah that's what teddy bears are for
when loved ones have gone through the door
and that's what wings and prayers are for

[A gentleman's poetic reflections on Mothers Day, DDeden 2007]

Khamis, 10 Mei 2007

Pantun antarabangsa

Emosi, Emosi
gambatte | sukoshi
kalau lagi terkuat
gila gila aje berbuat

Emotion, Emotion
so much or so few
if too much strong
not good for us two

Welcome home away from home

We will be hanging some art works in the gallery, feel free to sit at the table of your choice or walk around, making some music in the studio, swimming in the garden pool with the fish, suntanning on the deck above the sandy beach, time and space for meditiation, stretching and praying in the room next door. Feel free to help Dude wash coffee cups and dishes if you feel like it :) or add another log to the fireplace (watch for sparks) and do other things. Dude's is truly blessed with the presence of Dude's partner in this ad'venture.

Peace bless to all who enter and share. Thanks for coming, please come back when you need a little break. We appreciate that you bring your self-respect, respect for other persons, and hope you have a sense of modesty, since there are people from around the world with different experiences and customs here.

The rawk, punk rock & other parties might be sometimes held down in the basement complex, but here it is softer tones and music, relaxed, with a fresh salty breeze coming in from the deck above the beach and the occasional crackle of the fireplace, or the little stream & waterfall outside the door. صشسشمشة