Khamis, 2 Ogos 2007

Sometimes things fall down

The I35W bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota has collapsed, killing some people, many vehicles dropped down into the Mississippi River from it's height. Divers are searching but the flowing river and the dust hinder searching.
I myself drove across that bridge hundreds of times from my hometown of Red Wing, both in winter and summer, it gave a nice view of the river and Twin Cities. The bridge structure was classified in 1990 as Structurally Deficient, like 70,000 other bridges in the US. The annual snow, ice freezing/thawing cycles, and the salt applied to roads to prevent slipping, and the very heavy usage of that bridge, and the recent construction there, contributed to its demise, I would think. Al fatihah & Wings, Prayers & Teddy Bears to all affected personally.

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