Jumaat, 19 Oktober 2007

Traix, vehicle of the future?


Electric or air supplementary power? See this air car:

See the 3rd paragraph at this link, about the electric "killacycle" & video. 0 to 60 mph (88km/h) in 1 second! 175 lbs of lithium ion batteries is much more than Traix would use.

My Solution: Design concept vehicle Traix.

Traix: 1/2 pedal, 1/2 electric bike-car (2 wheeled) in which the harder you pedal, the more juice the battery provides, aerodynamic, links to others on the road via a push-button latch-hook, to form a "train" of say 20 - 100 vehicles on a highway, so everybody cruises aerodynamically with moderate leg power with optimal cardio-vascular aerobic action. At a desired exit, small "bus" of 10 vehicles splits off as a group and goes to neighborhood, then splits apart again into "solo" vehicles, solos park in tight space or carried inside the home. Very good for commutes, not for hauling big heavy stuff (but 2 linked side-by-side could pull a packed tent trailer easily).

Traix fights the poor health problem in the developed world: obesity-diabetes-hardened arteries from lack of aerobic exercise (due in part to oil addicted auto culture reliant on petroleum powered vehicles).

Traix fights the bad pollution problem in the developed and developing world: air pollution and various auto emissions, dirty waters, global warming, oily wars.

Traix avoids the dangers of riding bicycles in auto traffic in cities and highways, by keeping many riders in a unitary mass, in line, rather than all over the road, yet allows easy quick detachment at "bus stops".

Traix recharges via solar panels or home electric plug in, combines a motorcycle battery with a capacitor system for both slow and high speed.

Traix quickly adjusts for optimum aerodynamics as solo, duo or bus/train configuration, and provides both carbonfiber/bamboo shell with protective safety foam surrounding the hull, with umbrella-like top.

Traix really is the sensible option. Blue water, green forests, clean air, good healthy quick non-polluting transport.

Financial investment required for further development. Traix project cannot proceed without funding, contact me via email for more info.

[Traix Design by DDeden Designs]

2 ulasan:

inah berkata...

traix ni selamat ke?

is it safe to be used in malaysia especially in kl..i dont think so with all the flood..sia2 jadi submarine =P

"the Dude" berkata...

float like a boat, just add propeller.
submarine? aiks! tak jadi submarine, tak jadi airplane... bike-car-boat aje ;)