Rabu, 11 Julai 2007

cerita cinta

he: Come out to see the real world
she: Come in to see my real world
he: You know that's just a fairytale
she: I invite you to join it. (^_^)
he: How can I? I'm a realist! (~_~)
she: Don't you love me?
he: Yes, more than anything
she: Am I not real?
he: You are the most real to me
she: And you are waiting for..?
he: You are confined by many nonsense rules & rituals!
she: Confined? Or protected?
he: (mouth open, dizzy) apo ?
she: Don't you love me?
he: only.
she: Then why you became quiet?
he: I wasn't trained to believe stories about flying horses and unicorns
she: What do you mean
he: The old story books. I study real nature. There is no God...
she: ...but Allah.
he: I need you to remind me. Where was He when I suffered so bad?
she: I was also not there. Am I not real?

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Sarah Mohd Shukor berkata...

salam dd,

owh, alhamdulillah to hear that u're doing fine after the journey.
hep, i like this etry. really makes me ponder about something.
how do u do? still hoping to find 1 good lady that u can marry?
i wish u all the best, dd :)

"the Dude" berkata...

I've always been surrounded by good ladies that I can marry.

I once met one that I wanted to marry.

It would be very nice if I meet one that I want to marry whom I do marry and make a family. Simple, eh?


Sarah Mohd Shukor berkata...

who's that someone anyway? mind to share?


"the Dude" berkata...

Salam Sara,

"someone" ? Not sure who you refer to.

I'm just a single guy you know, asking God to provide me with a bride.

Is Moscow ok, autumn leaves or still summer green?

Glad you were able to accomplish so much in Malaysia.