Selasa, 30 Oktober 2007

water balls & bubbles

[Not sure if the videos are working properly today]

Drinking tea with chopsticks on ISS

Mana boleh buat teh tarikh? Tak boleh, ek?

Water is spherical (not formless), in space station, water forms balls.

Here is a wave in a water ball, and water droplets inside a bubble inside a water sphere:

Video: Pure H2O & CO2 inside a H2O skin, at ISS in microgravity

Some of the lines of Siddhidas Mahaju(N.S.987-N.S.1050) read as follows

सज्जन मनुष्या संगतनं मूर्ख नापं भिना वै पलेला लपते ल वंसा म्वति थें ल सना वै

which states that even a moron can improve with the company of good people just as a drop of water appears like a pearl when it descends upon the leaves of a lotus plant.

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