Khamis, 19 Mei 2011

Spirit of Survival

A book by Gail Sheehy, 80's

An orphan girl, Mohm, from Cambodia, her family was killed by the Khmer Rouge military, adopted by the author, story told of her journey. Reminded me of JC Trom, a girl from Korea, adopted by Trom family of Apple Valley, I met while our familys were camping at Black River Falls campground, I showed her the night falling stars sparkling and sleeping fish with eyes open.
(Saya masih rindu dia.)

To Mohm, Jacee, orphans, I wrote a song, some lyrics:

Wings Prayers & Teddy Bears

without sons & fathers:
can you hear the thunder
in a little girls' tears?
can you mend her broken heart
and soothe all her fears?

without mothers & daughters:
it would be hard to find a trace
of a smile on a little boys face
without mothers & daughters
amazing grace

without brothers & sisters:
they carry us around
before putting us down
make us reach out for the stars
yet keep our feet on the ground