Jumaat, 22 Jun 2007

Sort of a Poem

i still don't understand
the words written by her hand
been born in a distant land
can't walk there, hardly stand
the sea washing away
her footprints in the sand



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ummi berkata...

I am not one who understands poetry too well. Anyways..poetry aside. I think your blog is cool. Brings a smile to my face sort of blog...
Thank you for visiting my blog. Most honoured that you do that :-)

"the Dude" berkata...

ummi, glad you came by. :)

The poem was to a girl in Oz, but I decided to copy it here too.

Terima kasih kembali.

MINAH CELOTEH berkata...

the most simplest poem yet very meaningful from what I could derive.

ainishamsi berkata...

my god! i just notice that. man!

"the Dude" berkata...