Jumaat, 31 Ogos 2007

50 years

Salam Merdeka /|\ Selam Merdeka

1776 Independence US
1957 Merdeka Malaysia

Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysiaku


Live Free /|\ Dive Free

mubarek ramahdan muslimah

Rabu, 29 Ogos 2007

keyboard surrealism

~~~~`<8{(((>< ~~~~~~~~~~~~
صشسشمشة..Öö0O0öÖ..¿énb ɹod? ?ǝdɐuʞ¿
Surreal inversion: bunnywabbit, butterfly-flutterby, archerfish

Selasa, 28 Ogos 2007

Windmill polypedalmobile


Wind powered flock of flamingos or herd of elephants?

Art, science, engineering

Bucky Fuller in Time Magazine: geodesic domes, dymaxion, synergetics

Spacial Geometry article on Buckyballs and geodesics

Isnin, 27 Ogos 2007

Eclipse: Malaysia - Tahiti - California

Blue Crescent moon photo from space!

Nice Lunar Eclipse tonight, full moon, clear starry night.

International Blue Crescent

Malaysian Red Crescent

Khamis, 23 Ogos 2007

Retail Shopping Science?


aduh, nak stadi ituhkah? apenyo...

handbag mania! $260,000 for a purse (it's empty!)


I don't even have a wallet...
but since I also don't have any money...
um...did I say that out loud?
er...no i'm the Nor Calif of Kuala Walu Wiki so I am very rich and powerful!
Somebody else carries my money for me... i dunno whozat doe..

Jumaat, 17 Ogos 2007

Dutch Me?

Hari ini, adelah kedai kopi yg baru dekat sini, namanya Dutch Brothers, dia bagi free large mocha coffee all day. i terima tiga cawan, 1) ice mocha 2) frosty mocha 3) hot mocha, sedap sangat, nyum nyum! Lepas tu, aku pegi pustaka, baca majalah yg baru sains...good stuff.

DANK U DUTCH BROS! I'll come back if i ever get money again.


I don't think I have any Dutch background, but maybe a bit of Dutch Cocoa? I wouldn't mind that, since I always liked chocolate!

Selasa, 14 Ogos 2007

Today (it was a sunny day)

Today is simply a very nice sunny day. :)

A note on Keith Ellison, first American born sunni Muslim in congress in USA, represents the City of Minneapolis in my home state of Minnesota. He is a lawyer, his wife is a teacher, 4 children, supports for president Barack Obama, who spent 2 years in Indonesia during childhood (munkin dia bercakap bicara bahasa).

Rabu, 8 Ogos 2007

What is it?

From Querencia, a Navajo silversmith crafted this bolo tie.

Happy 42 birthday Singapore! August 9 2007

Ahad, 5 Ogos 2007

Coconut Philosophy?

Botany 101 metaphor

Coconuts can't grow if cracked from the outside. Coconuts can grow if the root inside can penetrate out through the shell, away from the light, down into the dark soil, stabilizing position (representing basal trust network stability, parental bond, security, daily nutritional foundation), only then can the stem grow up (representing freedom, independence, choices, responsibilities).

The stem (and branches-leaves-etc.) all have to grow up away from the shell, towards the light/energy source.

The leaves grow towards the light, but then, they point outwards (away from the stem, which is the structural support) so the horizontal leaf surface absorb maximum light.

This is like reaching out to friends... They can't give light, but can reflect it and also help slow the gusts of storm winds. However they also compete (need their own space to grow), so one can't overextend too far, or the stem will weaken (too dependent on other people weakens self-discipline, slows growth).

Sometimes the wind blows hard or the water level in the soil drops or rises, these are life's challenges. Every night, darkness allows sleep (rest & restore inside).

Don't worry about cracking the "shell", that happens naturally as you grow both deeper and higher. :) [well, this just popped up, don't really know if it's right]

Khamis, 2 Ogos 2007

Sometimes things fall down

The I35W bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota has collapsed, killing some people, many vehicles dropped down into the Mississippi River from it's height. Divers are searching but the flowing river and the dust hinder searching.
I myself drove across that bridge hundreds of times from my hometown of Red Wing, both in winter and summer, it gave a nice view of the river and Twin Cities. The bridge structure was classified in 1990 as Structurally Deficient, like 70,000 other bridges in the US. The annual snow, ice freezing/thawing cycles, and the salt applied to roads to prevent slipping, and the very heavy usage of that bridge, and the recent construction there, contributed to its demise, I would think. Al fatihah & Wings, Prayers & Teddy Bears to all affected personally.

Video of collapse:

Witnesses blog:

Bahasa Indonesia Versi:
(click on the Mississippi section)