Isnin, 18 Jun 2007

second thoughts

Correct or not individually, yet very insightful!

(Copied from Maddie's post at her blog, aku nantikan permisi dia)

A lady saying:

"If you see me walking the road with someone else, its not because I like his company; its because you're not brave enough to walk beside me". (whoa)

"If you hear me talking about him all the time, its not because he pleases me, its because you're deaf to hear my heartbeats". "(0_0)" (listen inside)

"If you feel me falling with someone new, its not because I love him, Its because you're not there to catch me if I fall". (tul kah?)

"If you feel lost, I too am nowhere, I too don't know where the road is going". (huh?)

-Ally McBeal-

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saNyu berkata...

when did you get this?? my god, this is so totally perfect for best frens-become-couple stories!! I'm even planning to write one!! YAY!!!

Unfortunately, it has to be put on hold. *sighs*

Anyways, you really like my story? You do?? Personally, I think the Joke needs a bit more editing. I don't really like the first edition but then, I don't really know what to do with it, since my writing has changed over the years..hmm..

I changed my penname, BTW. It's saNyu hIkArI now, translated from my real name. Was teDDie or something before coz my frens said that I looked like a teddy bear..haha..dunno what that means.. (-_-)

BTW, it may be my heaven, but it would be nice to have people in it too..

"the Dude" berkata...

Hi, sanyu, nice to hear from you.

Yeah, I couldn't follow the others so well, I never got into the anime-manga style of story-telling, but the Joke had just the touch of a quirky-romance-mystery short story that it hit home. I liked it.

Editing might improve it for a specific audience. Have you written any non-anime fiction, or is that your preferred story style? Have you written any stories in Malay, or do you stick to English with some Japanese? Ever try to write a short novel, or is that out of your interest range?

"the Dude" berkata...

btw, I also liked the short tale "Leave it to teDDiez bearz", w/ TB & Kero and Sakura, switching from real-time to storybook mode and back. I like that transitioning, but the author has to be careful about those quantum leaps, easy for the reader to get lost doing that, especially with more than 2 characters involved.

maddie berkata...

don't you just love ally mcbeal, dancing baby and all?

her quotations are uncannily relevant, and i know it's cheesy to the extreme to say this but it's like she's playing my character. hopeless, we both are. haha.

flattered to have my name up in your blog, truly :) -M

"the Dude" berkata...

I watched the program a few times, and I liked it, yeah, uncannily relevant is right. I guess that's the writers, huh, but she fit the character so well.
Hopeless? Ah, Sometimes I feel like that too, just part of getting through trials of life.

I almost never watch TV or movies nowdays, lost track of the shows. Hoping Moscow is ok, getting to be autumn now, trees still got green leaves? Here in Nor Cal still green, rainy season starting soon. Yuk! ;)