Selasa, 24 Julai 2007

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It's funny, according to my site meter, my location is Belvedere Tiburon, California, an extremely wealthy community on a peninsula at the mouth of the San Francisco Bay. Doesn't it seem like I must be very rich? Hahaha, I'm probably the poorest American that the visitors to this site will ever "meet", since I have nothing at all. Even my clothes are not mine. When I lost someone (a girl I fell in love with), I lost my life's hopes and dreams. Now nothing left, except research human biology influence of ancestral seashore living. What a disaster. I have my mind still in good condition, but I feel lonely and loony, because I don't accept other people's particular fairy tales as reality, preferring simple honest scientific truth, a student of nature. Although I'm definitely a naturalist, I'm no atheist. Although I favor evolution as the best scientific explanation of life on earth, I accept the ideology of creation metaphorically. So, desu ne. aje.

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maddie berkata...

better than to hang on to those fairy tales and live a make believe world, head in the clouds completely oblivious to the fact that chasing that idea of a perfect romance is like trying to wish for a day of sun during mid winter season in Moscow.

a tad disgruntled today. i'm not usually so skeptical. loneliness can get to the very best of us. sedih betul.

"the Dude" berkata...

Yeah, I know they can soften the bumps of reality, and fill the various voids, and teach as well, like Winnie the Pooh stories and Star Wars and lots more.

I grew up in the north, with snow and ice, and yes lots of stories too. The cold rainy grey skies here in Nor Cal can dull the senses, and I tend to want to escape to a dry sunny island in the tropics. Escape! mana boleh aiseh...tido