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Mothers & Daughters : mengerti?

in two dimensions (with added colors), looks like butterflies, but in three dimension, it's hominid pelvis configurations, from Lovejoy, 2005, fig. 5

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She and her rainforest ancestors: hanging, standing or sitting while plucking/tree climbing/bipedal wading/quadrupedal walking on knuckles and feet but no swimming/diving/back-floating. Note the huge biceps/triceps and long arms but short legs, and long fingers-toes but short palm-sole and hyper-erect ear pinnae, lack of subcutaneous fat, hyper-trophic muscles, very short achilles tendon.
11 yr old female

She and our seashore ancestors: standing, sitting or mid-dive while plucking/cliff climbing and bipedal shoreside beachcombing wading and walking and running/swimming/diving/back-floating. Note the long legs but short arms, long flat palm-sole (paddle-like) but short toes, slightly erect ear pinnae and long hydrodynamic scalp hair, subcutaneous fat, (comparatively) atrophic muscles, very long achilles tendon. [Note: wearing high-heeled shoes daily causes shrinkage of the achilles tendon, best to combine with barefoot walking and stretching]
10 yr old female

Newborn infant: mother grips branch, eats birth mucus and afterbirth (same as deer), infant no fat layer, face emerges ventrally.

Newborn infant: mother immersed, does not eat mucus or afterbirth (same as dolphin), infant SC fat layer, face emerges dorsally. (midway through and end of video)

labour progression and birth of human, bipedal-linear pelvic structure requires newborn to rotate on axis, no other primate does this. The afterbirth remains viable and continues to pump blood and oxygen for a minute after birth, allowing extended full submersion of infant. This may indicate that the human ancestral condition was a slow birth, semi-immersed in warm water.

One way to flip a breech baby?: handstand (vertical diving posture) in water http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQvDXy-6Kzs&mode=related&search

Hominid pelvis structure and bipedalism (but lacks semi-aquatic information)

Human vs chimp pelvic structure, birth process

Pregnant mums swimming, diving, back-floating: (big tummies, Spanish vid)

380,000,000 year old mother placoderm giving birth, umbilical cord present internal.
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