Khamis, 15 Mei 2008

Happy Teachers Day to all cikgu's

Life is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, and the lesson aferward.

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(hard to draw a school of fish hehe)

Girls are smart, yeh? This from Sciencewoman Blog:

Three talented, hard working, and lucky students are the recipients of the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award, which includes a $50,000 college scholarship. This year's winners are:

* Efficient Hydrogen Production Using Cu-Zn-Al Catalysts Prepared by Homogeneous Precipitation Method by Yi-Han Su, 17 from Taipei Municipal First Girls' Senior High School in Taipei. (A girl! From Taiwan! And I happened to pick up her abstract and take a picture of her board! (I'll have the pic and highlights from the abstract later this afternoon)

* Development of Biosensors for Detecting Hazardous Chemicals by Natalie Saranga Omattage, 17, from The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science in Columbus. (Another girl!)

* Computation of the Alexander-Conway Polynomial on the Chord Diagrams of Singular Knots by Sana Raoof, 17 of Jericho High School in Jericho, New York. (Another girl! It's a sweep!)

And another one:

Three students were also awarded the Seaborg SIYSS Award, which consists of a trip to the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm in December. These students, the three top high school seniors, will get a chance to hob-nob with the Nobel laureates, hear them give their lectures, see the medals get awarded, and attend a glamorous feast and ball at the Stockholm town hall. They'll also get to interact with other top young scientists from the European Union and around the world. Short of winning a Nobel prize itself, this is the closest you can come to being at the center of the events. These smart, dedicated, lucky soon-to-be world travelers are:

* Kaleigh Anne Eichel, 17, of Strongsville Senior High School, in Strongsville, Ohio for her project
The Ability to Learn: Learning and Communication between Comet Goldfish

( congrads to the champs! and to their gurus !)

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Inah berkata...

i'm a teacher happy teacher's day to me :)

"the Dude" berkata...

cikgu inah, happy teachers day! :)