Khamis, 22 Mei 2008

Kinetic Sculpture Festival is here again!

Kinetic coffee 2004

[katak] croak slough
[Features live streaming on internet during the race saturday-monday]

"For the Glory!" Hobart Brown, the glorious founder. The 40th annual race, this week. "NO petrol engines were used in this event" me, the humble nor calif. All Kinetic Sculpture Races provide healthy challenges to their pedaling competitors over 40 miles of: * Sand * Mud * Water * Pavement ^ people pedal together power ^

While other races may only last one or two days, the Grand Championship course is long and grueling, subjecting the racers and their machines to extreme stresses; some planned, others not. But not to worry, the racers are in top shape or as the Hobart Brown, the Glorious Founder says, "If you aren't in top shape when you start, you will be when you finish." "Kinetic Sculpture Racing is human powered engineering and art all wrapped up in the most imaginative racing machines you've ever seen!"

I'll be walking down to watch it as they cross the bridge to downtown Eureka Calif. and then the next morning as they go into the water of Humboldt Bay (Kuala Walu Wiki).

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interesting site you have here

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Thanks for visiting, i think its kind of strange myself, but then life has proven itself to be strange as well, so it's about par I think.

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