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Membuatkan Nature-Path "Housepital"?

Note: this post is better with a grain of salt.
Nature-Path differs from both natural path and naturopathy, as defined by wikipedia.
اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ ihdinā ṣ-ṣirāṭ al mustaqīm

They focus on herbal remedies and "cleansing" of often imaginary toxins from the body, as well as vegetarianism and yoga and other techniques, many of which are more or less placebos.

Basically, nature-path is individually optimal health and wellness or eunoia, not just simply stasis, and the opposite of disease and illness.

I formerly worked at the National Wellness Institute at the University of Wisconsin system, for Dr. Bill Hettler, assisting in establishing their wellness network database, where I learned of the medical industry's dilemma: the propensity to treat patients by killing the pain and quieting the symptoms rather than to heal by tuning into and magnifying (not increasing) the pain and symptoms for analysis and treatment.

If you ask a typical medical practitioner, what is apnoea or paranoia, they will respond immediately with the right answer, but if you ask about eunoia, they may need time to recall, because they are so completely focused on returning a patient to average (not optimal) health stasis, thus allowing unhealthy habits (which may have caused the disease) to be retained.

But if one's attention zooms in on treatment of the negative symptoms, one cannot effectively treat the whole person. It is the positive equilibrium which actually heals the body, the drugs and surgery only assist it. (Obviously, I'm not including acute traumatic injuries, chronic genetic defects, etc. which require specialized conventional medical treatment at some stages, but still gain long term advantage with holistic treatment such as naturopathy.)

Eureka Eunoia Ecostay: organic foods, sea shore rehab, radioscopy, fitness, balance.
Locale: adjacent to the Wharfinger (= syahbandar) building and marina.
There has been interest in developing an eco-hostel here, but how about an eco-hospice or eco-hospital?

not sure why, i have this feeling to design and construct an eco-hospital & human physiology complex. There are already 2 conventional hospitals nearby, mad river hospital and st. josephs hospital, which serve humboldt county.

{i call this one a pipe dream, since there is no financial funding for it.}

there's a veterans memorial clinic, and a red cross blood bank clinic, a skin health & beauty college and two hotels (closed- empty) very near here. this all could be converted to a pro-active health center spa complex.

basically, featuring less chemical medicines and invasive surgery and more health-focused lifestyle adaptation, including dietary habituation, fitness habituation, socio-mental stress reduction (surfing through the peaks and valleys of life's challenges), with a view that "the body heals itself when allowed and encouraged", rather than pumping bodies full of artificial chemicals from Big Pharma or even worse, pushing homeopathic snake oil (unnecessary colonic cleansing) and ritualized magic cures (this pill/herb/prayer/chant/suppository) will cure anything!). mostly people don't need to be cured, just rebalanced.

the local billionaires might be induced to support this, and there's another one, a malaysian indian real estate moghul that might also, named roy i think. i won't ask warren buffett, he's too busy buying hydroelectic dams that destroy the salmon fishing for local native tribes (dayak merah).

(ps. wearing my brown slacks, brown summer sweater, tan sports jacket, grey sox & white sneakers and a camouflage baseball cap "hunting and fishing news"; fashion police jangan datang lah...hehe)

pps. this tea is yummy: evening in missoula herbal tea, from missoula, montana, usa linky

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