Isnin, 2 Jun 2008

past leads the future

past precedes future action... but does not control it.

the wheel of life keeps turning

5 pillars are the spokes in the wheel of life

hmm, this post is frustrating because...?

ok, now i realized's a drizzly day since yesterday, no sunshine or stars, just drizzle and clouds.

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aqmaal berkata...

whoa-- seems like we pretty much share the same karma right now, downside of the love department ;p

yeah i planned to make it a song yet i have a very short resource of any guitar or instrument expert, say.. bukankah kamu berbakat??

Make a melody for me, we can work on the lyrics later :)

"the Dude" berkata...

all the songs i wrote always started with the poem first, i never simply made a melody and then put in the words, some songwriters do that, i don't know how.

anyway, i'll try it with a few of your words, see if there is a hidden rhythm or rhyme inside it that can be expressed a little more. cuba dikit... :)

aqmaal berkata...

ok, then we work on the lyrics then the melody heh.. bid me when you're ready

"the Dude" berkata...

maal, these lyrics (choral refrain) are from another song i wrote but didn't use, kind of a "love addiction" song. do you know what's riff and riffraff? kind of a pun.

you're just a riff (guitar twang)
you're just a riff to my raff
you're just adrift (water splash)
you're just adrift on my raft

you're just an itch (nyamuk bzz)
you're just an itch i can't scratch
you're just a rip (tearing paper)
you're just a rip i can't patch

kind of a western rock sound i guess? I got the refrain melody, but not the main melody so far.

do you think it fits with your prose, or not serious enough? i dunno ur emo level there, kan.

i'm gonna check with MC, she & i collaborated on Maafkan Ku song, she wrote the poem, i arranged into a song and sang.

"the Dude" berkata...

from your prose, i got this,

the tears i tried to restrain
outside your shadow i'll remain
with care and balance i regain
i know i dance alone again

i'm still learning to be free
lost without you initially
study, steady, my life's new way
steps along the path of destiny

eh, i'm just ramblin.. you wanna try it? change what you want, add more ..

"the Dude" berkata...

i'm wearing bluejeans that are supposed to be long, down to my feet, but they are made in China and only reach to my calves. i feel silly wearing these "floodwater pants", with wool socks pulled up high. ;p

"the Dude" berkata...

Oh i realized my pants are dungarees, worn on sailing ships, except they are bluejean denim canvas. Also wearing white tennies & woolies, blue shirt & tan denim "prism" jacket from pelican bay correctional facility, and a denim baseball cap. Kind of rugged i guess.

"the Dude" berkata...

well, i should mention that my rugged denim baseball cap has a picture of daffodils (bunga bunga yg dari kebun kebun disini), for 'daffodil days' and on the back has the script 'american cancer society', in memory of my mom, she died of breast cancer a few years ago. al fatiha.

so a lil pink & yellow there for my mom, but the rest is marine blue and forest green color, lagi macho eh? hehe