Isnin, 16 Jun 2008

The Great American Soda Pop Controversy
Gene expression: Razib's map

In USA, some people call soft drink like Pepsi as 'pop', others as 'soda', others call it Coke (even if it's Pepsi or Root Beer).

This reminded me of coconut in Malaysia, some call it 'nyiur' (probable shared origin of the English word 'nut' and Latin word 'nux'), others call it 'kelapa', some 'kopyor'. It would be neat to see that mapped out like above.

In US, also, the word for the upturned water faucet for drinking is 'water fountain' in some areas, 'bubbler' in others.


virtual pool (sape takut air, bole mandi disini)

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coffeecart berkata...

srottttt srotttt..

tgh menyedut air nyor sewaktu membace entri ini. adekah ini suatu kebetulan?


"the Dude" berkata...

berslurping minum air nyor kat coffeecart? hehe. sedap!