Jumaat, 6 Jun 2008

Floating hot tub hydrotherapy

Floating Hot Tub

Do they have a canopy version too, like this life raft?

Is this great hydrotherapy? ME LOIKE! Imagine in chilly weather or cold water, can "chill out" in a hot tub? A few minutes dive into the cold water, then hop in the hot tub and warm up keeping steady breathing, kind of like a liquid Finnish sauna.

I like it for one reason: the ocean water here is so dayamn cold , one can't swim without a thick wetsuit. This floating hot tub seems like one could dive, then with a small side ladder climb in to warm up, then dive again. Strap on an electric trolling motor and go cruising around the pond or bay, what a blast!

If I had any extra money, yeah, I'd get one and keep it with my (future) sailboat.

I'm sure one can also use it on dry ground or in a house, so very convenient, multiple use. Neat idea...

4 ulasan:

maddieness berkata...

that looks cozy.
liquid Finnish sauna sounds a lot like heaven.
you're getting a sailboat? sweet!

"the Dude" berkata...

just a little california dreaming :)

Anne sama Ibam berkata...

oh wow, that looks awesome. we don't even to rent a cottage in the island if we have that! haha

"the Dude" berkata...

:) thanks anne, yeah, like a portable tropical lagoon! hehe