Selasa, 17 Jun 2008


the la's - there she goes again (they dis-embedded the vid but the link works ok)


Is this an incorrect perception? Biased perhaps. Stereotypes are often biased.
maafkan ku kalau anda tak suke gambo tu. silakan kata saya. It was meant to tease, but not to hurt. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference, yeah? ok. [update: am i being too serious bout this? hmm, just lil bit]

I've been teased a lot at various times (like everybody, right?), been physically hurt a few times (ouch!), and emotionally hurt once badly it shattered me (took some time to recover from that). Life is complicated, sometimes painful, and sometimes tears are all there is. I hope I don't make you cry, but sometimes I hope you do cry anyways. Because some people cannot cry, they can only hate and harm themselves and others around them. sian. They may lose their humanity. Let's keep it. Real life ain't made for emo crybabies, but it ain't for robots either. [update: I hope that doesn't sound harsh. I meant that if someone is always weeping or never weeps at all, maybe they would benefit from rebalancing therapy or medical treatment. ok, now i sound like a softie. can't win for tryin.]
Earn your tears, face your fears. aite. jom. gambatte ne.

salam, dari daud ~ di nor calif

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aqmaal berkata...

hey hey ice entry u got there! the previous and this one, say-- you're trying to say women are complicated????? geeee!!!

daud, my pc rosak! apparently the piece i was trying to add pun ade dalam tu (T_T) man.. i spend few days to match ur work~~~~~~

hai don't expect too much yar :)

"the Dude" berkata...

maal, i guess life is complicated?

don't be stressed, be blessed
accept that you're doing your best

aqmaal berkata...

ok here goes (though I'm laughing like mad rite now cos I don't think I could ever make words rhyme and beautiful and meaningful ;p)

"the tears i tried to restrain
outside your shadow i'll remain
with care and balance i regain
i know i dance alone again

i'm still learning to be free
lost without you initially
study, steady, my life's new way
steps along the path of destiny

But why the feelings haunt
the reminiscence rewind
sweet memories good times together
I wonder why we drifted apart

Although I know we can never get through
You thought I love you, I thought so too
Whereas the whole world think us a complete fool

"the Dude" berkata...

wei maal, sangat lah cool! ;)

aqmaal berkata...

weh abe daud, x se-cool demo! I'm loving your words but not mine haha!!

"the Dude" berkata...

thanks for your kind words :)