Isnin, 20 Oktober 2008

just because ( me <3 ne )

no emosaurus for me thanks anyways.

Lyrics | Todd Rundgren - Hello, it’s me lyrics

[there's a swedish viking in russia, actually a kampong girl]
[i'm part swede and my home state's football team is called the minnesota vikings]
[there's a waterfall nearby called minnehaha falls, on the mississippi river]
[i think of her when i see water falling, cuz she is mini and she likes to laugh]
[but she is scared of water. and it doesn't really matter at all.]

just trying to say goodbye. cuz she's too far away. and so am i.

i guess nobody will really understand this. me neither. i so much want to talk with her. yet there is nothing i can say. wish i didn't feel this way. rindu. :(

предложение? apenye?

science: study & practice of natural order
religion: study & practice of social order

It is my humble opinion that supernaturalists cannot speak authoritively of nature,
and that naturalists cannot speak authoritively of supernature.

Evolutionary biologists, including human medical researchers, discover the flow of species changes through time by examining changes in organisms (via sexual reproduction mutations and natural selection), they see life as a movie subject.

Theistic creationists, including priests, reverends, rabbis, imams, discover the unity and perfect order of systems at any given time, they see life as an illustrated objective.

Both are right, of course, in their own minds. So there is nothing to argue about.

and finally

i made a snowman today (yukidaruma in Japanese) and put it atop my computer monitor, it is made of paper, bottom ball is ivory snow color, middle ball is blue, and top is a picture of an ink bottle with an Ink People face. the balls i wove like takraw balls with 6 strips of paper. it's kinda cute, like below. see ya ;)

==== ====
=(== : ==)=
==== ====
(__= : =__)

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maddieness berkata...

one meaning is sentence.
the other is offer/preposition.

hope that helps :)

"the Dude" berkata...

me 2 maddie
preposition ~ proposition ~


"the Dude" berkata...

ps. i'm definitely full of nonsense sometimes.