Sabtu, 4 Oktober 2008

Maskibition show & awards

mask yg alien?

Quite a great collection of masks here at Arts Alive in the Gallery, perhaps 100 or more,personally crafted and decorated in numerous styles and fashions. Will add more pics later. The Darth Vader mask is cute, being made from kitchen utensils.

Maskibition is sponsored by American Hydroponics, Dell Arte and Sun Valley Farms

The Coffee Opp coffee shop is up and rollicking (Kev, our Coffee Opp guest worker/Manager from Mauritia, managed to produce a volcano eruption in the coffee maker, the coffee and grounds looked like lava pouring down the sides of the machine and on the floor, he was too nervous, so many people came. All cleaned up now.)

And dekat sini, in the Municipal Auditorium, a bunch of kids are roller skating, singing and screaming to the music.

Tomorrow morning: live drawing (nude, not me la)
Tomorrow night, punk metal concert. Ear plug time.
Next night: watercolor landscape painting class, with Alan Sanborn

Also fiber arts (weaving), print making, Lunel's yoga class, etc.

"Kembali ke Bali"

Oh, Dell Arte is having their annual Bali study abroad class in mask making, wayang kulit, etc. FEBRUARY 9 - MARCH 12, 2009. I wanna go diving in Bali! Nak ikut? JOM kita pergi main menyelam & mensurfing kan! Full cost $5,000 US... nak duit raya ... sponsor anyone? [hint hint]

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