Khamis, 2 Oktober 2008

When the rain comes

October begins the rainy season here. Raindrops are falling on my head, plop plop drip drop.

I have a Humboldt Hydroponics hoodie, of forest green hue, so if the rain is mild, I can just cover my hair with the hood. If it rains harder, then I'll need a brolly (payung) or proper rain gear, I think I disposed of last year's set.

In the gallery, the artistic mask exhibition is up 'Maskibition', and the Coffee Opp is getting the coffee shop set up.

Shoshanna's dance group has a benefit for the coffee opp in Arcata: link

I must admit that I've never thought much of belly dancing, but as I watched them perform the sword dance at the Ink People's annual dinner (Brahm Craic), I was impressed with their synchronised and balanced performance art. Much more than simply wobbling their bellies.

Strange medicine? People can be so bizarre, no? Yikes!

Eur-Asian inter-racial relationships at gene expression

Why did I put this piccie here? I dunno. privyet. zhiv. da zvidanya.

Cinta: Tape (in Spanish, pita in Malay)
Pita: Flatbread (in Turkish, pizza in Italian, pet in Hebrew, pain in French, roti in Hindu)

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