Jumaat, 8 Ogos 2008

Things fall apart


Gravity, erosion rob Utah of it's bedrock arches

erosion = body radiation due to chemical/physical plane/surface bond fracturing
gravity = earth's center density accumulates, pressurizes/displaces subsurface

arch based on compression of stone particles due to tension of earth's gravity, when enough particles have eroded (cement bonds broken), the matrix faults and shifts and eventually collapses.


Reading a 1958 classic book by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, called Things Fall Apart about a family of the Ibo tribe in traditional Nigeria, especially focused on the main character's relationships with family, village, clan, and foreign colonials. The book's plot is here: link. On page 57 at the moment, a challenging read, the title doesn't connect with the story yet, though I'm sure it will.

Shog bo Yoruba! Hausa! Ina su Igbo! Swahili! Ma dun belly full! My friends, brothers and sisters of Africa. Peace in your hearts, food in your stomachs, clarity in your sight.

While studying at Univ. Wisconsin, I had some Nigerian friends, I do miss them sometimes, especially Alaro (she & I worked one summer in dorm cleaning with other int'l. students) and Nnamdi (so much like Eddie Murphy), and recall Ene (he distrusted Americans, we enjoyed argueing) and "crazy" On'e who tried to kill me with a kitchen knife (I belly-laughed so hard, he joined me in laughter and put away the knife). The book's main character reminded me of him, I hope he has limited himself to killing goats. InsyaAllah.

Morocco imam competition link
call of the muzzein: survival of the fittest loudest? The clearest call surely comes from within. No need to electrically amplify, is not the high decibel traffic in the modern city already loud enough, especially near hospitals where calm is of the essence? I do like hearing the call, just hoping for a bit of balance in congested areas. An alarm clock should not be turned to maximum, that is a symptom of lethargy, sloth and lack of awareness, an unhealthy combination. Now I sound like I'm preaching, sorry, not my job.

Alhamdulillah waselamaleykumselam

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