Sabtu, 2 Ogos 2008

Coconut thoughts (retread)

canteeek ni gambo!

Botany 101 metaphor

Coconuts can't grow if cracked from the outside. Coconuts can grow if the root inside can penetrate out through the shell, away from the light, down into the dark soil, stabilizing position (representing basal trust network stability, parental bond, security, daily nutritional foundation), only then can the stem grow up (representing freedom, independence, choices, responsibilities).

The stem (and branches-leaves-etc.) all have to grow up away from the shell, towards the light/energy source.

The leaves grow towards the light, but then, they point outwards (away from the stem, which is the structural support) so the horizontal leaf surface absorb maximum light.

This is like reaching out to friends... They can't give light, but can reflect it and also help slow the gusts of storm winds. However they also compete (need their own space to grow), so one can't overextend too far, or the stem will weaken (too dependent on other people weakens self-discipline, slows growth).

Sometimes the wind blows hard or the water level in the soil drops or rises, these are life's challenges. Every night, darkness allows sleep (rest & restore inside).

Don't worry about cracking the "shell", that happens naturally as you grow both deeper and higher. :)

Coconut embryo: coconut-bubble

ps. We have many other palm trees here in Kuala Walu Wiki, Nor Calif, but only one coconut palm tree grows naturally in California.

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