Rabu, 23 April 2008

Volcano Kettle

One minute water boiler kettle, for fuel-efficient, quick "coffee or tea or mee" while on a fishing or camping trek.
http://www.eydonkettle.com/stormkettle.html (2 handed, aluminum, L & S, fry kit)
http://www.safariquip.co.uk/i_kelly_kettle.html (2 handed, aluminum, 2 and 2.5 pint)
http://www.thermette.com/thermette_how-to.htm (one handed operation, copper metal)

Just a coincidence, I just came back from McDonalds for a coffee, and happened to walk by a group of teens who stood around a small camp stove, which was actually a coffee can with a side handle, a central grate with wood pieces on fire, and ventilation holes beneath giving a draft, which made the fire flow upwards through the can's chimney. It had a resemblance to the thermette, but did not have a water container, it was just a stove. I had never seen one quite like that, though I've I've seen other "hobo stoves" made from coffee cans before. I like the kettles above, but the prices aren't cheap, the smallest and cheapest is the 1 pint kelly kettle for $75, a good investment for some traveling campers, hunters, fishermen, kayakers etc.

I've been trying to think of possible improvements to the design, but haven't come up with anything practical except possibly to make it a bit shorter, so as to reduce the bulkiness while carrying. Still considering other details. Seems there's a bit of waste heat going out the chimney which could be of practical use, eg. setting a pebble atop it to heat, as a foot warmer at night after evening tea. But then one could simply boil a bit more water and put it in a hot water bottle as well. Anyway, neat concept.

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