Rabu, 9 April 2008

Sacred Biology: brains and bits

" Among the 17 tissues, the highest similarity in gene expression patterns was between human brain and testis, based on DDD and clustering analysis. Genes contributing to the similarity include ribosomal protein (RP) genes as well as genes involved in transcription, translation and cell division. Conclusions: Present results provide evidence to support the proposal that human testis and brain share the highest similarity of gene expression patterns."


This surprised me, apparently testes and brains have some strong genetic similarities.

I was aware that during embryogenesis and fetal development IIRC, male gonads (testes) move internally from somewhere around the cephalic-cervical region (head-neck) towards the abdomen to the caudal-urethral region, producing a weak area susceptible to hernias. Is it possible that the testes are comprised of isolated homologous brain tissues, and are thus secondarily affected by bio-chemicals meant for the brain? Do treatments for brain disorders affect the libido? Do female ovaries also have brain-like tissue?

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