Jumaat, 11 April 2008

oh nose!

In east Asian countries, many ladies get eyelid surgery, to make extra fold.

In Thailand, Indonesia many ladies have surgery to make bigger nose.

In Iran, many ladies have surgery to make smaller nose.

In Britain, other cosmetic surgeries are common, in US botox too.

European hymen surgery

Female circumcision surgery

I hadn't heard of this cosmetic non-surgical botox technique for reducing the protruding north Chinese 'square jaw' to a smoother cheek profile as in pic.

Different shapes and sizes. Plastic surgery to correct physical problems is one thing, but if only to make copies of famous people's noses is a bit ridiculous I think. But what do I know, I'm just a guy. Like I said to a friend, a girl is never more beautiful than when she is naked and leaving her mums tummy to join us. There is no makeup necessary, just a breath of fresh air and a little crying. Is she a hollywood model? No, she's a chubby wrinkly little mess, with a funny shaped skull and toothless and almost bald, some vernix and lanugo. Beautiful, eh? :) yup.

insyallah, i will be blessed too with a gift like that. alhamdulillah. peace be with you.

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