Selasa, 31 Julai 2007

Rabu, 25 Julai 2007

link to myspace/New Eurekans

if this link works, it will go to the New Eurekans myspace page which has 4 song snippets, I composed 3, a friend wrote the poem Maafkan ku which I made into a song (but I didn't pronounce the words properly). Actually the other members of my band weren't available to perform for the recordings, so I just used computer garageband software. so desu ne. DD

Selasa, 24 Julai 2007

my link

It's funny, according to my site meter, my location is Belvedere Tiburon, California, an extremely wealthy community on a peninsula at the mouth of the San Francisco Bay. Doesn't it seem like I must be very rich? Hahaha, I'm probably the poorest American that the visitors to this site will ever "meet", since I have nothing at all. Even my clothes are not mine. When I lost someone (a girl I fell in love with), I lost my life's hopes and dreams. Now nothing left, except research human biology influence of ancestral seashore living. What a disaster. I have my mind still in good condition, but I feel lonely and loony, because I don't accept other people's particular fairy tales as reality, preferring simple honest scientific truth, a student of nature. Although I'm definitely a naturalist, I'm no atheist. Although I favor evolution as the best scientific explanation of life on earth, I accept the ideology of creation metaphorically. So, desu ne. aje.

Sabtu, 21 Julai 2007

Bahasa Arab


The Arabic for COFFEE is GAUAWAH
Imagine you go away for coffee.

The Arabic for MILK is HALEEB
Imagine I leave the milk behind.

The Arabic for DATE (the FRUIT) is TAMARAH
Imagine wanting a date tomorrow.

The Arabic for BANANA is MAUZAH
Imagine you give a mouse a banana.

The Arabic for FOOD is MA'KAL
Imagine Michael is the provider of food.

The Arabic for FISH is SAMAKAH
Imagine you smack a fish.

Jumaat, 20 Julai 2007

Kind of a Poem

God is great, and with his grace,
appreciate the journey that you face.

Selasa, 17 Julai 2007

Rabu, 11 Julai 2007

cerita cinta

he: Come out to see the real world
she: Come in to see my real world
he: You know that's just a fairytale
she: I invite you to join it. (^_^)
he: How can I? I'm a realist! (~_~)
she: Don't you love me?
he: Yes, more than anything
she: Am I not real?
he: You are the most real to me
she: And you are waiting for..?
he: You are confined by many nonsense rules & rituals!
she: Confined? Or protected?
he: (mouth open, dizzy) apo ?
she: Don't you love me?
he: only.
she: Then why you became quiet?
he: I wasn't trained to believe stories about flying horses and unicorns
she: What do you mean
he: The old story books. I study real nature. There is no God...
she: ...but Allah.
he: I need you to remind me. Where was He when I suffered so bad?
she: I was also not there. Am I not real?