Khamis, 10 Julai 2008

Pre-pupal pupils' pseudo-pupils

______ wiggle worm ______________ "sleeping, do not disturb" __________ so colorful ! __________

ramarama ~ dan ~ mariposa ~ y ~ papillon ~ et ~ butterfly ~ ramaramadanmariposaypapillonetbutterfly!

Don Garlick's article on 'smart' pre-pupae: pupal-memories

Train a caterpillar (ulat) to avoid bright light, then metamorphic transformation (kepompong), then the moth (kupu) avoids bright light too. Metamorphosis from crawling worm (caterpillar) to encased pupae (cocoon/chrysalis) to flying adult (moth/butterfly), most of the body cells die, liquify, re-solidify and reform inside the cocoon to adult.
Amazing mimicry, the obvious 'eyes' are not actual eyes, but protruding fake "reflecting" pupillary eyespots, the orange 'mouth' is actually the head. The six true small forelegs tuck beneath the 'jaw' during the pose position, while the large false feet along the abdomen propel not by complex leg musculature but by subcutaneous abdominal rippling, a simple neural activity. Scientific evolutionary evidence for artistic elegant design via natural selection process. Alhamdulillah.

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