Isnin, 7 Julai 2008

Egyptian Obelisk in the garden

I don't have a photo, but we installed a donor's gift in the front entrance garden, a square-based, "gold" pyramidian-topped, obelisk with Egyptian hieroglyphics, similar in concept to the obelisks of Karnak, Egypt, at a reduced scale. The donor had gone on a trip to Egypt years before to study the pyramids, and constructed the obelisk himself; his daughter tells me he's moving to a hospital for cancer treatments, and moved out from his home, and wanted to donate it as a sort of public display. I think it looks nice, it has a sort of 'marbled' exterior. The hieroglyphics include the scarab, some wiggle lines (for water?), etc. which I can't read, but I'll ask the folks at about it, they are Egyptologists.

[In memory, I celebrate my parents heavenly birthdays, dad: 7th of July, mom: 18th of December. al fatihah ~ rest in peace]

some guy named matt tripping to a tune

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flutterby berkata...

Along was also born on 7th July ;)

The video is awesome! I was actually waiting for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but takde.. Oh well!

"the Dude" berkata...

oh, belatedly happy birthday to Along Neemosaurus ;)

i think matt got lost dancing with those papua guys...