Khamis, 28 Jun 2007

Hari Cikgu review | Teacher Appreciation Day

While I am gone away, here's a video for student teachers. :)

Selasa, 26 Jun 2007



Dreams: What are they? They are nocturnal sublime learning/decision-testing episodes, whereby the stressful moments (exam, new job, battle, dangers) which occur occasionally in daily life, are stored as visual imagery (information) in the sub-conscious for review and analysis during rest and sleep.

Sleep is the required quiet recharging time, dreams occur every night but most are usually forgotten by morning, since they are typically boring, just like the routines of daily life. Only non-routine events trigger unusually pleasant or unpleasant dreams, which are more likely to be remembered upon waking.

If one loses the ability to dream, one can still learn, but can no longer associate and integrate various thoughts and patterns as well, AFAICT, as this is the primary function of dreams, they are the pattern-weaving story-teller or movie-maker within the self, helping to review in greater detail the various crises that occur, slowing down and analysing moments of indecision of the past day, allowing corrective behavior to become entrained, for the next similar event, therefore providing "virtual experience".

Dina Zaman, author of I Am Muslim, wrote this blog post about a scary dream she had. See the last comment (by Animah) for dream interpretation of it.
[oops, i guess she stopped her blog now]

Do not fear scary dreams, they help you deal with real-life stressful moments without putting you in actual danger, giving you awareness of potential risks and determining the best possible pathways to safety and security. Once that is understood, scary dreams become tools of self-instruction, and are appreciated for their value in survival in a sometimes unpleasant world. Pleasant dreams & fantasies are great escapes, and also have value in life.

Jumaat, 22 Jun 2007

Sort of a Poem

i still don't understand
the words written by her hand
been born in a distant land
can't walk there, hardly stand
the sea washing away
her footprints in the sand



Isnin, 18 Jun 2007

second thoughts

Correct or not individually, yet very insightful!

(Copied from Maddie's post at her blog, aku nantikan permisi dia)

A lady saying:

"If you see me walking the road with someone else, its not because I like his company; its because you're not brave enough to walk beside me". (whoa)

"If you hear me talking about him all the time, its not because he pleases me, its because you're deaf to hear my heartbeats". "(0_0)" (listen inside)

"If you feel me falling with someone new, its not because I love him, Its because you're not there to catch me if I fall". (tul kah?)

"If you feel lost, I too am nowhere, I too don't know where the road is going". (huh?)

-Ally McBeal-

Ahad, 17 Jun 2007

Fathers Day * Hari Abah (June 17)

In memory of Clarence and his son Wayne (my father), and appreciation for present & future dads. [oleh abang daud di nor qalif, tok adik beradik]

Sons and Fathers

Without sons and fathers, what would we do?
Do the best we can, as we know they'd want us to...
They make a hard hot world, a much safer place
they make a million memories, that will never be erased

Can you hear the thunder
in a little girl's tears?
Will you mend her broken heart
and soothe all her fears?

Well that's what teddy bears are for,
when loved ones have gone through the door
Yeah that's what teddy bears are for,
when loved ones have gone through the door
and that's what wings and prayers are for.

[A gentleman's poetic reflections on Fathers Day, DDeden 2007]

Isnin, 4 Jun 2007

Ink People Art Gallery: Ladies Handbags & Purses
See the June Newsletter for more info. (PDF format)
Click on each photo to enlarge. Note the cikcak lizards and tikus mouse and cat on blue purse.