Rabu, 5 November 2008

Barack Hussein Obama, President, USA

His father from Kenya with east African (Kenyan) ancestry, his mother from Kansas with west European (British) ancestry, Barack spent his childhood years in Hawaii and Indonesia (where he went diving!). Mungkinlah dia bisa berbicara bahasa Indonesia & bercakap bahasa Melayu sikit, macam saya pulak. ;) Born American, yet comfortable internationally. He has much respect, though that is just the entry ticket, lots of issues to deal with.

I only hope his nickname does not become "Oh-Bomb-Ah", in the fashion of G. W. Bush's nickname "Bush-Whacker". Let Obama be known as the "Peacemaker". InsyAllah. God bless America.

Cheers to the President of the United States of America! Let freedom reign!


I have one thing to say: Let this man do his job, he will most definitely earn his paycheck.

Freckles are cool; well, mine are anyways. hehe. Mahalo, Simba~Singa.

Congratulations to the democratic party, and the O bama family; we are the world!

ok that's enough patriotic political stuff. Back to nature & nurture. (^-^)

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